Top Tips for Booking a Holiday Online

Travel blogger Alexandra Jackson shares her top-tips on booking a holiday online helping to save money, stress and time…

With more and more holidaymakers booking their holidays online it’s easy to be enticed by advertisements and the promise of the best deals around.

But are you really getting what you pay for?

Images of white sandy beaches and fresh water pools are enough to make anyone want to ‘buy now’ and escape to luxury, however there are a few more factors to consider before reaching for your wallet.

Here, we would like to give you a few tips on how to ensure you get the most for your money and don’t fall into the trap of the big travel world!

Be Aware of Hidden Charges

Top tips for booking a holiday online
Be wary of hidden charges when booking a holiday online

Added extras are a common misconception for those who are inexperienced with booking a holiday online.

Having thought you’ve discovered a great deal on a flight or hotel, the initial cost can soon sky rocket as you make your way through the entire booking process.

Added extras can include transfers to and from the airport, baggage allowance, travel insurance, ATOL protection and more often than not there will be an online booking fee to pay too.

Some sites can even add these on to the total of your holiday without even asking if you need them so always remember to check what you are clicking on throughout the entire process.

Always read small print to know exactly what you are paying for and always keep hold of receipts for proof of purchase and just in case you’re faced with any problems subsequent to your booking.

Do your Homework – Read Reviews

At the end of the day, online travel sites are a business, and businesses want to make money!

Basing your choices on where to stay by looking at images or hotel descriptions is a trap that many fall into but how are we to know how recent those pictures are and how exaggerated that description is.

Reading reviews from holidaymakers who have already visited the location and accommodation you are considering is always a great way to get the most honest evaluation.

You may find visitors that come back year after year, sing high praises to the welcoming staff and quality of food or completely disregard the place as a nightmare holiday, but bear in mind that not everyone’s tastes are the same so don’t just read a few before making a judgement.

Don’t write off the Professionals

Sometimes it’s a good idea to research where you want to go and what type of holiday you’re looking for and then take these ideas to your local travel agent.

Knowing exactly what you require from a holiday will take away that otherwise lengthy process of sitting in store and timelessly flicking through magazines whilst sipping cheap coffee.

Letting your travel agent know where you want to go, for how long and when, after deciding in the comfort of your own home, the hard work can then be left up to them.

Travel agents with expert advice
A travel agent can be a source of expert advice and reassurance says Alexandra Jackson

With professional advice and in knowing that their experience will surely secure you with the best holiday, we think it would be silly not to have this kind of confidence when spending so much money!

This article was written by Alexandra Jackson, an enthusiastic traveller and blogger on behalf of SkyPark Secure who provide excellently priced airport parking services at Gatwick Airport and many other major cities.


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