S.O.S for Scorecard Bob

Scotsman Bob Davies is, by his own admission, no world beater on the golf course.

A Glaswegian by birth, Bob took to his local 9-holer to keep him busy during retirement in Melbourne, Australia.

One day after finishing his round a playing partner handed him an old scorecard from New Zealand and something clicked in Bob’s head.

It was the start of an ambition to become a world beater in golf – not by playing it – but by becoming the first person in the world to obtain a golf club scorecard from every country and island that plays golf.

Bob Davies with some of his 234 golf scorecards
Bob Davies with some of his 234 golf scorecards

Here at Global Golfer, we love the idea of travelling the globe and teeing up, even if that means sneaking in 9-holes on a business trip, or persuading your wife that honeymoon would be far better if she drove the buggy at the Belle Mare Plage Resort in Mauritius while you played with Frank and Anita from Germany.

So, when we heard about Bob and his brilliant goal to collect a scorecard from every country and island on planet golf, we decided to help and tell our readers all about it.

Some of Bob’s collection is remarkable, he has scorecards from:

Swazi Land
Solomon Islands
Most of the world’s established golfing destinations

Must be the "coldest" course in Bob's collection?
Must be the “coldest” course in Bob’s collection?

He has over 234 scorecards and Bob has put the cards into categories including: the most famous golf club, the oldest golf club, the coldest & the hottest, highest & the lowest, most Southerly & Northerly, most Easterly & Westerly, the longest and most difficult.

“I am now concentrating on the golf courses in Europe and have scorecards from most of the countries, apart from The La Perla G.C. in Albania and Budva Golf Resort in Montenegro,” says Bob.


Royal Thimpu Golf Club - Bob Davies
Royal Thimpu Golf Club - Bob Davies
Scorecard from the Drambuie World Ice Golf Championships in Iceland
Scorecard from the Drambuie World Ice Golf Championships in Iceland


Travel seems to have been in Bob’s blood since birth.

Born in Glasgow in 1943, Bob was the son of a Soldier and moved around a lot, from Kent to Singapore and back to Scarborough where he lived and worked until 1970 when he and his wife decided to pack up and feel the sun on their backs in Melbourne, Australia.

Bob says:

“After many years and a lot of travelling around Australia, my wife Judy and I settled in a retirement village near Coffs Harbour. It had a 9 hole golf course and so I joined and took up the game and that’s where all this started.”

Bob has since made friends with some of the world’s biggest collectors of scorecards, but, not wanting to just be one of the crowd and collecting as many as possible, Bob wanted a collection that was unique and so started chronicling scorecards from every golf destination on the globe.

“Two years ago I decided to do something different with my collection again, and that was to collect and document the history of the oldest golf course of each and every country, by collecting that countries scorecard from their oldest golf course,” said Bob.

Knowing just how controversial any discussion over where the game of golf began can be, we wish Bob well with that particular hobby, but for the sake of romance we at Global Golfer Magazine will always call St Andrews “The Home of Golf.”

Just as Bob thinks he is coming to the end of his global collecting, new countries invest in golf courses such as Belarus, Georgia and Albania and his collection keeps on growing.

Can you help Bob?
Wherever you are in the world when you are reading this please take a minute to ask yourself if you could help Bob?

Do you have scorecards from obscure places that you have travelled to that are just gathering dust in your attic or do you share Bob’s passion for collecting and want to get in touch and discuss a swap.

Bob is willing to pay postage for any scorecards sent to him and even says he will happily send a small gift in exchange from Australia if you’d prefer.

You can download a list of Bob’s Scorecard collection by clicking here.

You can get in touch with Bob by email: justus96@bigpond.com or by snail mail at:

Bob Davies
465 Macclesfield Road
Victoria 3782

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