Review Peter Scott golf Windstopper

With Winter setting in across the UK and Northern Europe, it’s a good time to look at some clothing that can keep you swinging in comfort when the temperature drops.

Golf clothing has changed beyond all recognition in the last decade. Manufacturers are now sourcing technical performance fabrics that are lightweight, breathable, stretchy and moisture wicking so that your temperature stays constantly comfortable.

Today’s fairways look a lot more like the ski-slopes, with golfers sporting technical outerwear in bold colour ways and cutting edge styles.

Increasingly today’s golfers have swapped long sleeved polo necks and lambswool jumpers for compression base layers and thermal mid-layers, soft shells or quilted gilets.

In the new age of technology that doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for traditional styles and classic cuts. One company that is excelling at marrying together tradition and technology is Scottish knitwear brand Peter Scott.

Founded in Scotland in 1878 by Peter Scott, the company has been producing fine knitwear collections for 137 years, combining pure raw materials with handcraftsmanship and extraordinary level of detail.

Italian Merino wool Peter Scott golf windstopper

Its 100 per cent Merino Wool lined golf windstopper is a perfect example of a classic garment enhanced by 21st century technology. First off, Merino is the best of the wools for active or sporting clothing.

It’s lighter, softer and finer than lambswool and has a natural ability to trap heat in tiny pockets of air keeping you warm when it gets cold. It works in reverse too releasing a build-up of hot air and helping cool the body down.

Add in a natural ability to absorb moisture and reduce odours, Merino is a winner when it comes to playing winter golf or wearing for a long walk in the woods.

Peter Scott lined golf windstopper
Tradition meets cutting edge technology in Peter Scott’s Merino windstopper

In this windstopper Peter Scott has combined all the brilliant gifts of Merino wool with a specialist form of nano-technology called Bionic Finish.

Bionic finish is a treatment applied to the wool that makes it water repellent and resistant to dirt and grime like oil and soil.

Not only does it keep the colour and fabrics looking and feeling great but it provides a brilliant barrier to prolonged light rain and wind.

The finish also means the sweater won’t shrink when you wash it and it retains all of the wool’s outstanding properties.

Peter Scott’s windstopper is designed with a quarter zip – the favourite of many top tour professionals – and has a stylish toned in lattice effect on the wool.

It feels silky soft on the skin thanks to the wind-busting liner which keeps you warm and protected.

The downside is a fit that is a little bulky and shapeless but in Winter that is less important considering you’ll probably be wearing waterproof trousers, woolly hats and mittens too.

The windstopper moves well with the body while you swing as Merino wool stretches naturally and water simply beads up and runs off the surface of the wool when it rains thanks to the Bionic finish.

Peter Scott’s golf windstopper has classic looks, perhaps even conservative, but hidden in this supremely soft wool is some first rate technology that will keep you dry, warm and comfortable on the course throughout the Winter months.

Peter Scott Golf Windstopper has a RRP of £99 and can be purchased from approved stockists or at major high street stores including House of Fraser.




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