If the golf shoe fits

Some years ago Reebok made an outstanding golf shoe with dimples on the bottom of rubber soles and decent looking leather uppers.

It was ideal for playing golf in summer and strolling straight into the clubhouse.

What made it even more attractive was that it was the perfect golf shoe for taking a golf break abroad – you could wear it on the plane, on course, in the spike bar and on a sun filled terrace.

Whatever that shoe was called it faded into extinction or was last seen available in size 13 from an obscure online retailer.

The point of this?

With great delight I received a news release today from the PR company representing FootJoy, the #1 shoe in golf, announcing the release of its new Contour casual.

The image of the shoe, which hits the golf stores on April 1st in the UK, leapt out at me for its spikeless dimpled sole and trendy casual leather uppers.

It looked like the kind of shoe you’d throw on with blue jeans or chinos and bonus, you can play golf in it too.

The new FootJoy Contour casual
FootJoy's Contour Casual hits shops from April 1

FootJoy is calling it a lifestyle golf shoe, meaning that you can wear it during “life” outside the golf course, whereas previously you might have worried about pulling into the petrol station with your pink and lime green saddled personalised MyJoys on.

It also looks a lot like the shoes being worn over the past two seasons by some of golf’s greatest players, who also coincidentally have bad backs.

Freddie set the trend and the Big Easy followed
Fred Couples sparked the trend for spikeless shoes when he wore them in the first round of the Masters in 2011.

New spikeless dimpled sole golf shoes from FootJoy
FootJoy and Ecco say spikeless shoes provide very good traction control

He wore Ecco’s Street Premiere shoe which was later adopted by golfers including Ryan Moore, Justin Rose, Vivay Singh and Ernie Els.

Now FootJoy has joined the party and with its unparalleled record in building great golf shoes it’s hard to imagine that these won’t fly off the shelves.

Here’s the official Marketing bumph for you:

“This versatile shoe is comprised of super-soft, premium materials that deliver lightweight underfoot comfort, waterproof protection, industry-leading size options as well as a world-class fit.

Luxury full grain leather uppers give a premium look and allow for excellent support, fit and durability.

The Contour Casual will be available in a variety of sizing options, including whole and half sizes in both medium and wide widths.

Available from the beginning of April, these must have shoes will be available in three striking colour options; White/Navy, Brown/Orange, Black/Taupe, with a recommended retail price of £100.

FootJoy Contour Casual
Casual enough to wear with Jeans and Chinos

“This shoe is the ideal option for the golfer who enjoys the convenience of wearing the same shoes from the practice area to the clubhouse, but still demands the premium materials, comfort and style that FootJoy has delivered for over 100 years,” commented Russell Lawes, European Marketing Manager, FootJoy.

Tying the knot
All I can say is that if the shoe fits and you like it wear it.

I know it will appeal to golf travellers who no longer have to worry about stuffing golf shoes into their suitcase or being detained for transporting too much foreign soil into theUnited States.

3 thoughts on “If the golf shoe fits”

  1. I have been waiting for footjoy to introduce a multi stud shoe as I have always wore footjoys. My question is where can I get a pair in England. They have just been featured in Todays Golfer Magazine but searching the internet has drawn a blank.

    • Hi Robin
      Have you tried using the retailer search on the Footjoy website or contacting them directly?

      Each retailer chooses whether to stock them or not but I’m surprised the big online retailers aren’t stocking them, like online golf or Direct Golf UK. What about American Golf Discount?

      You could always ask your club pro to order you a pair if they have an account with FootJoy?

      Another good idea is to “tweet” Footjoy’s official Twitter account. Someone should get back to you!

      Hope that helps

      • Contacted footjoy and they suggested my golf club pro, and he was able to get me a pair and as always with footjoy they are like slippers to wear. Like you I find it strange that big stockist havn’t got them. Perhaps it’s because they are multistud and there is no ongoing sales of spikes.

        Thanks for your suggestion.



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