Golf Guide to Holland

The Netherlands or Holland, as it is commonly known is a popular European tourism destination. Amsterdam’s tulips, museums, café’s and colourful alternative nightlife attract millions of visitors each year.

Golf in Holland is bigger than you think

Windmills, canals, beautiful intelligent football, clogs, bikes and flat low-lying land are the things most people associate with this friendly nation – but golf is a surprisingly popular sport with the Dutch.

That’s why we have produced this golf guide to Holland to give you the basic facts you’ll need on where to play, how to get there and what to expect from Dutch culture, food and drink.

Dutch clog

Even more surprising is that a number of courses are over 100 years old.

According to Golf World Magazine, and its October 2011 supplement of the Top 100 golf courses of Continental Europe, Holland can claim to have the highest proportion of top rated courses of any major European country.

Three Dutch links courses, Royal Hague (3rd), Kennemer (7th) and Noordwijkse (9th) were ranked in the top 10.

Add to that, at #35 The Pan, at #67 the Hilversumsche (home for KLM Open in 2012) and at #82: the Eindhovensche.

The list of best of the rest has four more courses in Holland: De Lage Vuursche, De Goyer, Noord Brabantse en the Roosendaelsche.

Maastricht Golf Club
Golf Club Maastricht




Bridges and canals are par for the course in Amsterdam
Bridges and canals are par for the course in Amsterdam

Two must-play golf courses in Holland were not even included in this list: The Dutch, the recently opened golf course built to try and win the 2018 Ryder Cup and the International at Schiphol airport, which opened in July 2012.

No Golf Guide to Holland would be complete without mentioning these courses.

Golf is big business in Holland

Golf is big business for the Dutch but it has not quite captured the imagination of visiting golfers.

Those who know head to the Dutch North Sea coast to seek out the brilliant links courses, which rival the very best coastal courses in Britain and Ireland.

Our friends at Go-Golf TV visited Holland recently for its Golf Passport magazine TV programme and you can watch presenter Clive Agran go Dutch here:


Holland Fact-File




National Dish

Stamppot (Kale, Mash Potatoes with Smoked Sausage)

Claim to Fame

There is more art per square mile in Holland than anywhere else in the World. Most famous of the Dutch masters is Vincent Van Gogh, painter of the “Sunflowers” and subject of his own museum in Amsterdam.

Holland is one of the world’s biggest exporters of fresh flowers

Dutch Tulips
Dutch Tulips


EURO, Holland is a member of the European Union

National Colour


Major Airports

Schiphol airport, Amsterdam

Famous Dutch golfers

Robert Van Derksen

Rolf Muntz

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