Guide to buying Christmas gifts for Golfers

Christmas is a tricky time for lots of people who have no clue what to buy for the golfer in their life.

In the 27 years I’ve played golf, I’ve unwrapped everything from three golf ball soaps to a multi-tool pencil and pitchmark repairer, a tartan pouch for golf tees, a dozen Top-Flite XL distance balls, a tiny book of golf jokes, embarrassing woolly golf jumpers and 50 pink plastic castle tees.

Buying for the golfer you love is not easy. This simple guide will give you a much better idea of how to buy the perfect Christmas golf gift.

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Have a rummage in the golf bag

One day when your beloved golf addict is out, or asleep on the couch, take a look in the ball pocket and glove pocket of his or her golf bag.

If you find that over 85% golf balls in the ball pocket are the same, the same brand name, same colour number and same type, such as Titleist ProV1 then you have struck gold and you now know what their favourite golf ball is.

The golf ball is the most important thing to a golfer. It’s the thing they hit, look for, put personal markings on and it makes a great gift. Buy a dozen of their favourite golf balls and you’ll be in the good books.

If they just play with anything and everything, and there’s no pattern to the ball bag, then you can’t go wrong with Srixon AD33 (good ball but cheap) or the Titleist NXT (top ball that suits any level of player).

Gloves are another top golf gift and something you can easily find out from your investigation into the bag.

Gloves can be soft cabretta leather or synthetic all-weather materials that are tough and hard wearing. As a rule, the better a player your husband or wife is, the more likely they are to wear a quality leather golf glove, such as Titleist, TaylorMade, Nike or Mizuno glove.

If you really want to blow them away buy them the Titleist Player’s Glove the ultimate leather lovely – which is what most of the top pros use.

Best golf glove ever
The Player’s Glove by Titleist is the Rolls Royce of golf gloves

If you don’t seem to be able to tell what type of glove they like, then buy them some rain gloves. These miraculous inventions get more sticky the wetter they get and allow golfers to play in the rain; they are excellent and save shots which your golfer will love you for.

Glenmuir MacWet Micromesh Rain Gloves (Pair)

Check out his or her threads

Does your golfer go out to play on a Saturday looking like John Travolta in “Nightfever”, with tight bright check strides and a pink shirt, or are they wearing comfy corduroy and lambswool sweaters?

Golfers are brand conscious and buying clothes for a sartorial swinger is tough. Our top tip here is stick to the basics and buy functional items that every golfer needs.

A good quality base layer always goes down well. These warming tops are ideal for winter golf or golfing anywhere in Britain or Northern Europe at any time of year. Good brands to go for are Under Armour and Galvin Green.

Under Armour Base Layers
Stick to the basics when buying golf gifts and you can’t go wrong

In the same fashion, no pun intended, you can’t go wrong with a quality warm beanie hat – we’d recommend FootJoy, Galvin Green or any of the top golf brands (Mizuno, Ping, ProQuip,TaylorMade, Titleist, Callaway). They all do a good head warmer.


Golf is just like any other fashion sub culture and golfers are always a sucker for the must-have accessory.

In the 90’s it was the copper Sabona bracelet as worn by Seve Ballesteros, then it was the yellow LiveStrong rubber band – made famous by disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong – now it’s whatever Rory McIlroy is wearing on his wrist or round his neck.

Here are some must-have accessories that are supposed to lower your score as well as look good.

  • Q-Link, calming bio-rhythm pendants and bracelets for stress free golf
  •  Trion Za Japanese magnetic therapy bracelet that eases aches and pains and looks cool too
  •  Power Balancea balance bringing strength giving wristband that tunes you up for greater power

Having worn all three, our top-tip is the Q-Link.

Not only does it create calm on the course it wards off colds and aids recovery from hangover, in our humble experience.

Load the Magazine

If you haven’t got a house cluttered with golf magazines we’d be surprised, but if not, a golf magazine subscription is a nice gift that will be well received.

In the UK, the best read titles are Golf Monthly and Today’s Golfer and both are available on good deals and are very cheap with Tesco clubcard points.

For international golfers living in countries without good national golf magazines we’d recommend Golf Digest Magazine, America’s #1 golf mag and the classiest title on the news rack – packed with great interviews, features, top coaches and great photography, this is THE magazine for the golf lover.

The Fool-proof Plan

Last but not least, you cannot go wrong with a gift voucher from one of the big golf retailers like American Golf Discount or Direct Golf UK. This way your golfer can please themselves and buy whatever it is they have their heart set on.

It may feel like a cop-out but it will be better received than the tartan tee-peg purse or the “How to Play Golf” DVD by A.N Onymous Golf Pro.

Happy Shopping and if this guide to buying Christmas golf gifts helped, please share it with anyone you’d class as a clueless when it comes to buying Christmas gifts for golfers.

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  1. Shameless plug: King of Clubs: The Great Golf Marathon of 1938, the new book Sports Illustrated,com called “the best golf story you’ve never heard.”: I wrote it and it’s available at the above website or Nominated for golf book of the year by the USGA and theInternational Golf Network.

    • Thanks Jim, I didn’t include golf books in my buying guide but they make great gifts. I would expect Hank Haney’s “The BIg Miss” to be popular this year, but a touch of history goes down well too. Perhaps you could shamelessly plug our buying guide or a link to our site on your blog/ website? Thanks


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