New golf travel bags from Titleist

There’s one thing no keen golf traveler can do without and that’s a high quality golf travel bag.

If you’ve invested thousands of pounds in your prized irons, driver, wedges, putter and bag – the last thing you want is for them to be thrown into the hold of an aeroplane by a grumpy baggage handler who can’t wait for his shift to finish.

Worse than that, when your unprotected golf bag finally arrives on the conveyor belt at baggage reclaim you find your £200 Scotty Cameron putter is missing and your new hi-tech driver shaft is in three pieces.

Golf Travel Bag is a no-brainer – Get One!

If you are flying off on a golf holiday there’s simply no option, you need to invest in a durable, robust and easy to transport golf travel bag.

There are lots of different types of golf travel bags on the market, ranging from budget options like Dunlop, Masters Golf and John Letters to the high-end travel bags like Club Glove used by the world’s jet-setting tour professionals.

Hard Case vs Soft Case Golf Travel Bags

If you are extremely security conscious and terrified of your clubs being damaged you can opt for a hard case golf travel bag with a rigid frame. These golf travel bags can take the bumps and scrapes but they aren’t so great when it comes to fitting them in the trunk of your hire car.

The other option is the soft case golf travel bag. The outer fabric of the bag is soft and flexible but reinforced by internal padding, especially at the top, where the heads of your clubs will be sticking out from your golf bag.

golf travel bags
Soft Case Golf Travel Bags are easier to handle but make sure its padded and has wheels

The benefit here is that they are lighter, easier to handle and stow more easily in any transport you will be using to get to the resort or hotel. They are cheaper too.

Whichever one you opt for, make sure you buy a golf travel bag with wheels on, so that you can roll it through the airport rather than have to carry it on your shoulder.

What’s the point in going on a golf holiday if your back goes into spasm just as you arrive at the resort.

As a general rule, buying a golf travel bag is a little like buying your best leather shoes, a winter coat or a new suit – meaning you often get what you pay for – and if you buy cheap they don’t tend to last.

You may have a golf travel bag but if it’s got holes in it then any light fingered member of airport ground staff could soon find their way in among your Pro V1’s.

Here are two great options at two different price points from Titleist.

Titleist Club Glove Travel Cover – SRP: £251

The Titleist Golf Club Glove Travel Cover is chosen by the world’s best players for golf club travel protection. The ultimate in golf travel covers the Club Glove is designed to give maximum protection and added durability throughout its use.

club glove golf travel bag
Titleist has teamed up with Club Glove to offer a seriously good golf travel bag!

*Patented Club Glove Travel Cover with Titleist embroidered script

*Large capacity central zippered compartment to fit any golf bag

*Two external gusseted, zippered shoe pockets

*One internal separate zippered, nylon shoe pocket

*Top 1/3 is foam padded to protect club heads from damage

*Three wide external web straps and buckles to secure items packed inside cover

*Durable high impact plastic bottom and 1/3 extension up body of travel cover

*Durable high impact in-line skate wheels

*Handle at top of cover for ease in rolling bag

*Handle at bottom of cover to assist with putting in and out of car

*Tour proven and market proven performance

Titleist Small Wheeled Travel Cover – SRP: £125

The Titleist 3 Wheeled Travel Cover has room to carry up to a 9.5” golf bag the Titleist Small Wheeled Travel Cover also features additional internal pockets for golf shoes and internal padded straps to protect clubs during travel.

golf travel bag from Titleist
A great value golf travel bag from Titleist – durability, wheels and style for a reasonable price!

The Titleist 3 Wheeled Travel Cover Features:

– Flight cover that fits up to a 9.5” golf bag.

– Additional internal pockets for golf shoes.

– Internal padded straps to protect clubs during travel.

– In-line skate wheels for easy transportation.

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