First golf facility for former Soviet State

Work has started on the first-ever golf facility to be built in Azerbaijan.

The Republic of Azerbaijan is the biggest country in the Caucasus region, at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, and is bordered by Russia, Armenia and Iran.

While it was the first Muslim majority country to hold opera, theatre and plays, the former Soviet Union member state has never before had a golf facility or golf resort to call its own.

Quba Golf, near Baku, Azerbaijan’s capital city, is under construction now and the first holes are set to be ready in September 2012 with the full 18-hole championship golf course expected to be complete by October 2010.

The course will also be the home of the brand new Azerbaijan Golf Federation.

Golf in progress at Azerbaijan
Progress underway for Azerbaijan’s first ever golf course

Not the first golf course in Azerbaijan
It has been described as a “ground breaking” first golf facility for the nation but it isn’t the first golf course in Azerbaijan according to global travel guide Lonely Planet, click for more.

In its list of recreational activities for Azerbaijan under golf, it lists an 18-hole course at Shushi on grazing land for horses in the Karabakh region.

It would appear to be a pasture golf course with rough holes and flags cut into an open field and its most regular player is an 86-year-old Belgian doctor called John Malcolm, who plays every second morning in the summer.

Big name to manage Quba Golf
Golf course management firm Troon Golf has been appointed to manage Quba Golf, which has been designed by International Design Group and constructed by Total Golf Construction.

“We’re delighted to have been selected as the management team at Quba Golf Club, as they pioneer the game of golf in Azerbaijan,” said Bruce Glasco, Troon’s Senior Vice-President and Managing Director, International Operations.

“The facility’s central location and the involvement of the national governing body will ensure that quality resonates throughout the resort. What is being created is an intriguing and ground-breaking development for the people of Azerbaijan and its international guests, so naturally we look forward to bringing our expertise to the table and playing a crucial part in the success of what will be an exceptional golf resort.”

Quba Golf Club is located between the coast of the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus Mountains.

With several dramatic changes in elevation, the site will offer golfers views over the surrounding mountain backdrops. The resort will also feature a 200-bedroom 5-star hotel on site.

Mr Anar Mammedov, President of the National Golf Federation, said: “This will be the first golfing development in Azerbaijan and it became immediately clear that employing the services and unrivalled industry knowledge of Troon was something that we simply had to do.

We’re delighted that they’re now involved and they complete a stellar team involved in bringing this magnificent project to life. Ultimately we are striving for excellence and believe that the quality experiences provided by Troon will ensure the satisfaction of our guests and promote the growth of golf in the country.”




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