Finally, a travel-friendly golf trolley

Golfers love a day out.

Call it a ‘buddy trip,’ an ‘away day’ or a plain old golf weekend – there’s nothing better than cramming the clubs in the boot and hitting the open road – in search of unchartered fairways and greens.

From planning your trip on work time, to googling the pro’s tips on playing the course, a golf trip is sheer unbridled joy.

Possibly the only annoying thing about it is packing four sets of clubs in the boot of the car and realising there’s no way your £300 electric trolley and flashy long-life Lithium battery are fitting in there too.

Carrying for 18 holes is OK, but when you have a bad back, or your entire kit is set up in a cart bag, you need a trolley – and that means hiring the golf equivalent of a coat hanger on wheels or paying an extra £25 for an electric rental, or worse a buggy.

Too many trolleys are just too big to take with you on the road and most just aren’t travel friendly

Which is why we were excited to hear about the launch of a new push cart trolley brand in the UK, with a product that isn’t just lightweight but folds up super small too.

Axglo Golf is a Canadian firm that makes push carts for golf and ice hockey products too.

Axglo TriLite Golf Push Cart

The Axglo TriLite push cart is its first offering and it ticks a lot of boxes for anyone who likes to take a golf buddy trip or away day.

Axglo TriLite golf trolley
The Axglo TriLite folds up super small and is easy to carry and store

There are no shortage of push trolleys on the market, so why did we like this one so much? Two reasons.

Lighter than light golf push cart

Made from ultra-durable aircraft grade aluminium, the TriLite only weighs 12lbs. To give you an idea if that’s good, the much praised Stewart Golf R1 Push Trolley weighs exactly 8.1 kgs or 17 pounds.

Compact is Cool – Petite TriLite Push Cart

Better than that, the TriLite folds down to an extremely compact (25.5″ x 16.7″ x 12.5″) making it a pleasure to fold up and store in the boot. 25 inches is only 63 cms in length, comparable in size to an airplane carry on.

Axglo TriLite
Compact is cool – Axglo TriLite folds up into a boot-busting 63cms

“When Axglo’s TriLite was first designed, efficiency, simplicity and quality were at the forefront of the engineer’s mind.

The idea was to create a model that was simpler to assemble and reassemble than anything on the market and I believe we’ve achieved that,” said Neil Self, owner of Northern Golf, Axglo’s UK Distributor.

This trolley also has an innovative ‘gliding’ system which reduces the risk of scratches and makes it extremely easy to fold down and put up.

There are lots of other great benefits too; airless tyres that don’t need maintenance, powder coated protective paint for long lasting looks, lots of storage for food, drink and accessories plus padded handles making it comfortable to push.

All of these things make the Axglo TriLIte the most travel-friendly golf trolley we have seen in a while.

The first TriLite has been launched in the UK with black and silver wheel colour options, with others expected to roll out through 2015. The frame is available in black, silver or white.

The Axglo TriLite comes with a one-year warranty as standard and has an RRP of £129.99

It’s available to buy in the UK from PGA Golf Professionals and golf course retailers.

For more information about where to buy the Axglo TriLite, contact Neil Self at Northern Golf on +44 (0) 161 767 9666

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