Bubba Watson’s golf hovercraft

Is it a bird, is it a plane, a cart or a push trolley? – no it’s a golf hovercraft – and it’s been invented by big bombing left hander Bubba Watson and his clothing sponsors Oakley.

Bubba Watson is known for doing things differently, like having a pink shaft in his driver, firing golf balls through water melons and being one quarter of the golf boy band “The Golf Boys.”

The 2012 Masters Champion says golf can be boring and most recently he’s turned his attention to creating the ultimate method of getting around the golf course.

“Golf carts are boring, they haven’t changed in years and when it rains you have to stick to the cart path and you can’t drive too close to the green,” says Bubba.

The Bubba Hover is exactly that, a hovercraft you can use on the golf course.

bubba watson golf hovercraft
Bubba Golf hovercraft – with Oakley

You no longer have to walk around water hazards, just drive straight across them and back again, and you are going to be the Head Greenkeeper’s best friend because the super inflated hover pad just glides across the grass, causing virtually no marks or damage.

Watch the video and listen to Bubba talk about why golf carts are so last century.


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