Top-5 Free Golf Apps for Android and IPhone

If you own an IPhone, Android smartphone or a tablet then there are a wealth of free apps (software applications) to save you shots, improve your golf game or even give you a rules decision.

Here are 5 of our favourite free golf apps.

Golf Game Apps

Golf has to be the ultimate sport for gamers using mobile handheld devices and tablets. Maybe it’s the simple idea of firing a ball at a target that attracts developers to build golf games, or the fact you only need a swing and a club and a virtual golf course.

Whatever it is there are so many golf games out there to pick from.

Our favourite free golf game app is Super Stickman Golf. It uses simple visuals but the gameplay is clever and will give your grey matter a workout.

You have to steer your Stickman golfer across some bizarre terrain and layouts to get your ball close to the pin. It has 250 levels to keep you going for as long as you want. One thing you will need is sticky balls.

Download Super Stickman Golf — Android

Download Super Stickman Golf– iOS


Golf GPS apps

The “range-finder” and GPS technology market has become a boom area in golf over the past five years, with companies bringing out range-finding laser technologies, GPS mapping and measuring devices built into wrist watches, handheld and clip-on units that can speak to you to tell you how far you are from the flag.

You don’t need to part with over £200 for a range finder so long as you have a smartphone and plenty of battery.

Why? There are lots of free apps that give you accurate yardages to the green using GPS (Global Positioning Satellites).

Golf GPS range finder apps are common these days
There are free distance measuring apps available for smartphones and tablets that can save you big bucks!


With over 1m downloads it’s hard to argue with Free Caddie as the #1 free golf GPS App for Android. It provides you with yardages to the front, centre and back of the green and has over 28,000 courses loaded into its worldwide directory.

The problem with the free version is that you can only have one golf course loaded in at the time, whereas with the PRO version you can have as many as you like.

There are no annual subscription fees to download courses either.

You can upgrade to the PRO version for just $5.95 a year and have unlimited downloads of courses and yardages to bunkers and hazards too.




Scorecard Apps

Golf Shot

You might be thinking “why on earth do I need an app to mark a scorecard?”  – I’ve got a pencil, pocket and a scorecard!

There are several benefits to using a scorecard app that make using one worth the trouble of launching the app and tapping the screen in between shots while you are on the links.

Global Golfer's Top-5 Free Golf Apps

The Golf Shot app enables you to keep score for your entire fourball and has a simple vertical hole-by-hole scorecard entry.

The app displays your Net score and your actual strokes played, and you can view statistics during and after your round view details.

The app emails scorecards to you after the round, and keeps a log of previous scorecards complete with graphs and statistics that you can share with your friends.

If you love stats and have a touch of the “tecchie” or “geek” about you then this is the app for you.

Rules of Golf App

Once upon a time the R&A used to print thousands of free copies of the rules of golf and send them out to golf clubs across the UK. Concern for the environment aside, that’s one hefty printing bill and given this is the digital age the governing body for golf everywhere outside the U.S.A has brought out its own rules app.

If you don’t know your lateral hazard from your ground under repair, or your stroke and distance from line and entry, this handy app can help you quickly identify the right ruling.

Packed with diagrams, images and videos explaining the rules, you can download it for Android here or Iphone, IPad and ITouch here

Golf Instruction apps

G-Mac, or Graeme McDowell as his parents named him, has brought out a free app packed with instructional videos, from controlling the speed of your putts to how to simplify your chipping stroke by using the full range of clubs in your bag.

Graeme plays all the shots himself and as long as you don’t mind the confusing blend of Belfast and Birmingham, Alabama, in his accent – there is a lot of good stuff here that can help save shots.

There are lots of other elements on the app, including a What’s in the Tour Bag and a podcast, but we found the instructional videos a handy resource for when you want to go and practice.

Download here

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  1. Birdie Apps is another one. It’s free and has all the advanced features the paid ones have. Plus it’s a web app that will run on any mobile phone. It’s probably the most advanced one out there right now. It just needs more courses mapped.


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